eDiscovery and document management has never been easier

Litigation Support has become an all-encompassing term over the years. At Modern Information Solutions, we focus on three core areas:

Our consultants have years of real-world experience and will guide you through all the available options to ensure you make the right decisions and investments, and that you get the technology that will support your business objectives today and for many years to come.


While most trial teams have years to digest complex topics and issues, jurors typically have only a couple days to grasp these same concepts, making the need for precise visual aids even more essential. Over the course of time, attorneys become subject matter experts and often fail to remember the difference between general knowledge and that which they have gained over the course of the case.

By introducing an MIS trial consultant to your team, we can help harmonize all these issues. As an outside party to your case, we can assist with developing trial themes and defining key points that are essential to effectively educate jurors in a short period of time. We have a variety of demonstrative capabilities, including timelines, charts, animations and of course the design of foam trial boards.

Our experienced consultants are pros at keeping data organized and easily accessible through the use of technology. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the typical “tech guy” role; we’ll be a true partner, anticipating the needs of the trial team and embracing all aspects of the case to ensure that technology is a necessity, not a novelty.

Our “Hot Seat” Presentation Services enable you to focus on legal matters while our experienced trial consultants run the technology show, utilizing a variety of software packages including:


  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • inData Trial Director
  • Tablet Presentations


With the popularity of video depositions soaring, it is important to be able to pare down key elements of a video to play before a jury or to use as evidence in impeaching a witness. Our consultants will work with you to search and identify key testimony or simply create clips as you have designated. We can output the result in a variety of formats for you to play on your own or to make use of our mediation/trial presentation services.


Our Case Preparation services include:

  • Trial Director or Sanction: Database Creation & Modification
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Video Preparation
  • Deposition Preparation (including video/text synchronization and video designation clips)
  • Hyperlinked Exhibit List Creation & Modification
  • Creation of PowerPoint Presentations
  • Creation of Demonstrative Evidence (electronic and printed)


We understand that maintaining a litigation database can be confusing, time consuming, and frustrating. Our team of experienced litigation support consultants are glad to either work in conjunction with you or simply do the work for you depending upon the needs of your firm. We work with a variety of firm sizes, case types, and database packages and will gladly share our knowledge and experience to find the best solution for you and your firm.


Our Database Consultation services include:

  • Software Recommendations
  • Case Conversions
  • Loading Files
  • Keyword Searches
  • Document Coding
  • Identification of Standard Naming Conventions
  • Creation of Demonstrative Evidence (electronic and printed)